The Twelve Weeks of Lockdown

A Covid chorus for the family sing-song (UK edition)

Parents stranded in lockdown may be wondering when will it all end? They may even be wondering if the plague will pass before next Christmas.

Imaginative children (bless) may like to ‘improve’ the lyrics with their own freestyle inventions and variants may emerge in different countries — but at least we’ll all be in fine voice by the time we next celebrate the festive season.

Time to tune the guitar, dust off piano keys, exercise the bagpipes or simply blow your own trumpet, for a rousing chorus to the tune of The Twelve days of Christmas.

For the sake of brevity only the last verse is included here. Insert your own food-store/food-bank for the first week of lockdown.

In the 12th week of lockdown my true love sent to me:

12 Testers testing

11 Liars Lying

10 Boos for Boris

9 Masks a-masking

8 Claps for carers

7 Soups for Supper

6 bags of flour

5 jigsaw puzzles

4 nurses nursing

3 French lessons

2 callers checking

And A Sainsbury’s delivery slot



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