Portchester’s Summer Reading Challenge

Poster for the Summer Reading Challenge

Our library in Portchester is a hub for community activities.

The newly dug and re-planted border (thanks to volunteers and schoolchildren) has brightened the entrance before this year’s Reading Challenge gets underway from Saturday 16th July.

Aimed at schoolchildren throughout the summer holidays, this year we have a theme embracing ingenious gadgets, artists, inventors, innovators, and all manner of creative ideas.

The core of the challenge is to read six books and, after each one, pop back to the library to say what exactly they thought about it — what they found out, what made them laugh, how well it was written and illustrated — and then claim another sticker towards their certificate of great library learning.

It’s difficult to underestimate the simple brilliance of this Summer Reading Challenge. Mums, dads, grandparents and carers can play a huge role helping young readers to feast on ideas that will shape our future worlds. Few will become a future Neil Gaiman (Portchester’s literary hero), fly into space, or become ‘Engineer of the Year’, but Inspector Gadget might one day be the prompt to solve some puzzle — even when they’re wearing the wrong trousers.

Portchester Library’s community volunteers will be around everyday to listen to the tales of bookish adventures — and sometimes, I think, the stories that’ll come back will be even better than those they chose.


This article was published as part of Bruno’s Blog by Portchester’s Liberal Democrats and is listed in the Groupe Intellex series: Portchester — the place I call home.



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David Brunnen on Governance (Communities, Sustainability & Digital Challenges} PLUS reflections on life in Portchester — the place that he calls home.