Lines we crossed in 2020

Lines on wood suggesting progress

Whether marking success or failure,

the lines we crossed will now,

not be erased.

They’re often crossed — for sure.

Others, pass unnoticed,

’til shattered shocks are seen,

across a new divide.

We see a tide of new awareness.

We see some, swept or dragged along,

and more were left behind.

Count your crossings — joys, regrets, confusions,

And trust lines shattered.

But hope for better,

local leadership emerged.

This year of letting go created new capacity.

Sharpened recognition of all our ills.

Called for community action.

Ahead? Another year of choices.

Will we step back? Hold the line?

Fingers crossed for fewer scars in 21.

We could all use some healing.



Created in the UK at the Winter Solstice this pause for reflection,

at the end of a decisive and divisive year, is dedicated to

Médecins Sans Frontières.



Groupe Intellex

Groupe Intellex

David Brunnen on Governance (Communities, Sustainability & Digital Challenges} PLUS reflections on life in Portchester — the place that he calls home.