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We rise to play a greater part

runner racing towards Covid hurdle finds massive Climate hurdle is next
The next hurdle

Review: Move by Parag Khanna

Shuffling Humanity

Book cover graphic of MOVE by Parag Khanna
MOVE by Parag Khanna (source: Author’s own photo)

UK PM speaking at UN September 2021
UK PM speaking at UN General Assembly 22 September 2021 (Picture Source: UK Government Release)

Icons need not be monumental

Portchester — carved in stone at the village entrance
The village name carved in granite announcing our presence for drivers on the A27 main road (source: author’s own photo)

Glass houses, and all that.

The Taliban flag (source: licenced by )

Less is more

The old slipway
A section of the old slipway at the end of Portchester’s Hospital Lane (source: Author’s own photo)

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Fresh thinking for economic & societal development: David Brunnen on Municipal Autonomy, Intelligent Communities, Sustainability & Digital Challenges.

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